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Family Owned, Global Experience


Antenna Specialists has provided the SatCom industry with leading expertise in construction, installation, and commissioning of Satellite Earth Stations for more than 30 years, and 60 countries across the globe.

Additional Services


For existing systems, we can provide maintenance, repair, retrofitting, and testing services for a large variety of earth station vendors and sizes.

Domestic and International, Year-Round Availability


Communications in SatCom never cease, and Antenna Specialists works to make sure that deadlines are met, and projects are completed smoothly.




Our primary business activity. We are qualified with multiple Earth Station manufacturers to construct new antennas. We have built antennas in more than 60 countries, and there is no job too big or small for ASI. Click Here to Learn More


Earth Stations are the lifeline of the communications industry, and they are an investment in the future of our connected world. Preventative maintenance is necessary to guarantee continued optimal performance, and to minimize the risk of service interruption. We offer full refurbishment in addition to standard maintenance.

Emergency Service

In the event of unexpected failure of a system, Antenna Specialists is prepared to  handle nearly all repairs to minimize downtime and lost revenue.

Global Business

With over 60 countries in which ASI has completed projects, we are able to provide any of our services in the locations that our customers need to ensure connectivity.  We are based in the central United States, providing quick access to all domestic work sites.

Antennas and Parts Inventory

ASI maintains a small inventory of complete Earth Stations as well as parts and components within. We can also special order custom parts to repair or upgrade existing installations. 

Supervisory Support

Earth Stations frequently require knowledgeable support personnel for critical operations, such as alignment of a precision reflector. Antenna Specialists can provide such services and personnel for duration-of-project supervisory roles. 

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